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NaiveDrawAlgorithm Class Reference

Trivial algorithm only for put automaton on scene. More...

#include <drawAlgorithm.h>

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QList< State * > drawAutomaton (Editor *editor, const QSharedPointer< IAutomaton > &automaton)
QString getName () const

Detailed Description

Trivial algorithm only for put automaton on scene.

Used mainly for testing automaton algorithms correctness.

Definition at line 59 of file drawAlgorithm.h.

Member Function Documentation

QList< State * > NaiveDrawAlgorithm::drawAutomaton ( Editor editor,
const QSharedPointer< IAutomaton > &  automaton 
) [virtual]

Returns list of currently created states with transitions assigned, just use ItemsAddCommand on it

startPos is left-top corner of result automaton

Implements IDrawAlgorithm.

Definition at line 411 of file drawAlgorithm.cpp.

References Transition::adjust(), Transition::assign(), TransitionManager::createOneStateTransition(), StateManager::createState(), TransitionManager::createTwoStatesTransition(), BaseDrawAlgorithm::getBFSSortedStates(), TransitionManager::getInstance(), StateManager::getInstance(), State::getName(), Editor::getStateByName(), GRID_STEP, NORTH, State::setDoubleBorder(), and WEST.

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QString NaiveDrawAlgorithm::getName (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Implements IDrawAlgorithm.

Definition at line 64 of file drawAlgorithm.h.

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